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About us

Joliciel Informatique, in Foix, France, is a small company specialised in Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions and services with a strong emphasis on open source software, and certified by the French Ministry of Research to perform R&D on behalf of other companies. Our expertise covers automatic syntax analysis, automatic terminology extraction, multilingual document similarity and classification, multilingual information retrieval indexing and algorithms, and optical character recognition (OCR).

Our products

Talismane logo Talismane (Traitement Automatique des Langues par Inférence Statistique Moyennant l'Annotation de Nombreux Exemples): a statistical sentence-boundary detector, tokeniser, pos-tagger and dependency parser with a default implementation for French.
Jochre logo Jochre (Java Optical CHaracter REcognition): OCR by supervised machine learning, with implementations for Yiddish and Occitan.
Jochre logo Aplikaterm: Online terminology management centre.

Our specialty

  • Automatic syntax analysis.
  • Terminology extraction from technical corpora.
  • Construction of lexical and semantic resources.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Information Retrieval via Apache Lucene, and document similarity algorithms


Joliciel Informatique
2 av du Cardié
09000 FOIX

Joliciel Informatique SARL au capital de 26 000 € - RCS Foix
Code NAF 6201Z – № SIRET 504 721 689 00033 – TVA FR26 504 721 689